A sum of Rs. 100/- was received as a donation to the Lodge from Bro. S. N. Pandit arrister - at - law, it was suggested to keep this sum as nucleus of a Building Fund for the Lodge.
In the meeting of 14th March 1903 the plans for the proposed Lodge Building were presented by Bro. H. S. Davies a Civil Engineer in the British Agency at Rajkot. He had prepared 3 plans alongwith their approximate costs. There was a suggestion to erect the Lodge Building on the cooperative system for Rs. 10,000/- in shares of Rs. 100/- each.
A committee was appointed to formulate a Building scheme for a Freemasons' Hall at Rajkot. It consisted of the W.M. Wor. Bro. M. A. Tarkhud, Bros. Davies, Munshi, Tanna, Tarapur, Mody, Shukla and Pastonjee.
In the mean time the Lodge continued to meet in the Premji's Bungalow, the rented house at Rs. 20/- per month which continued to be known as the Masonic Hall.
The W.M. Wor. Bro. M. A. Tarkhud applied to the manager of Rajkot state for the purchase of a plot of land of about 5000 sq. yards at One Anna to Two Annas per sq.yd. They were requested to see Halar Prant officer who had sanctioned sale of the site for the new Masonic Hall in November 1903 at the rate of Two Annas per sq.yd.
In March 1904, i.e. exactly after 1 year the W.M. announced that a plot of land of 6577 yds., was purchased from the Rajkot State at the rate of 2Annas per sq. yds. totalling to Rs. 825/- which has to he paid at the earliest through Bro. G. M. Munshi. The Title deed in the name of the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, for the purchase of the land was received by Bro. G. M. Munshi and was handed over to Secretary for record and safe custody on 11th June 1904.
A committee of Bros. Wadya, Pattani, Munshi, Shukla and Laud was appointed in 13-08-1904 to start the construction of Building as soon as possible. Several circulars were sent to all the members to invite suggestions and also to buy Debentures. By July 1905 a total of 100 Debentures were sold. Building plans of 3 different sizes and details were prepared and on 9th September 1905 Bro. Wood proposed to adopt the plan with expenditure of Rs. 15000/- and requested the brethren buy more Debentures.
A committee of Brethren Davies, Hide, Munshi, Laud and Pastonjee was appointed to look after the general management concerning the building construction and to recommend from time to time to make payments, but the construction was postponed for a few months.
The manager, Rajkot state offered another plot of land in exchange of the old one. This offer was accepted and the present plot of land was handed over to us in October 1905, with new title deed.
The construction work was begun on 1st January 1906. At the same time the landlord of the hired house, Ratanji's Bungalow asked us to vacate it as this house was required by Captain Sauille for military use. Brothers Munshi and Bhatt were requested to find a new venue for the Lodge meetings, and from 10-02-1906 it was shifted to Palitana's Darbar Bungalow. The construction on the Lodge Building and Temple was going at the steady pace, the payment was also being made accordingly. The Building is a two storied one and was completed in August 1906. The cost of the Building came to Rs. 15,000/- and the furniture to Rs. 1000/-.
The Secretary W.Bro. K. R. Vachha went to Bombay to discuss the opening and consecrating the new Lodge Building. And a team of officers from the District Grand Lodge, Bombay came to attend the consecration meeting held on Saturday 15th September 1906.
The Deputy District Grand Master W.Bro. C. B. Robinson, P.D.G.W. led the team assisted by W.Bro. Dr. S. D. Nadirshow P.D.G.W.; N. Roberts D.Grand Secretary; B. Samuel, P.D.G. Stwd.; C. L. Small, W.M. of Lodge Justice No. 2145 E.C. Aboo Road, and W.Bro. Sir Bhagvatsinhji, Thakore Saheb of Gondal. Rf. Wor. Bro. Sir Lawrence Jonkins was the District Grand Master at that time.
Excerpts from the speech of the consecrating officer, - "The design and construction of the building are, as far as I can judge, fault less and for this I understand our acknowledgements are due to Bro. H. S. Davies who has gratuitously placed his skill and ability at the disposal of the brethren, and attended to every architectural details with the result, that you have here one of the handsomest masonic structures I have ever seen, and one which is not excelled in beauty by our handsome though large Masonic Hall in Bombay.
Though its cost has exceeded your first anticipation it is to be remembered that you have in this structure an asset which is worth considerably more than the amount spent upon its erection, while its situation is unique in that it stands on the open ground and at a distance from the other possible buildings, which will ensure your proceedings being neither overlooked nor interrupted, and you will enjoy every cool breeze that blows across the plain from every point of the compass, which is a consideration in this climate."
W.Bro. H. H. Sir Jaswantsinhji who was the ruling Master of the Lodge, at the time of consecration passed away suddenly in April 1907.
The cost had gone up and some Brethren came forward with interest free loans and Donations not only to meet with the bills but also to repay the Debentures.
The compound wall depicting the boundary of the Lodge property was constructed in 1912.
The D.G.M. visited the Lodge on 12-2-1912 and praised the design of the temple.
The upkeep and repairs of the property and the building had been done from time to time and since last two decades it has been done systematically. The compound wall was raised from 4 feet to 10 feet to prevent urchins climbing over and entering our property in 1983. The Annexe building roof was in ruins, and so was the servants' quarters which were also built in 1920. Both these buildings were adequately repaired, the roof were replaced with R.C.C. slabs in 1985.
The main building was also not in good shape it also required extensive repairs and for which different phases were planned as it was about 80 years old in 1986. The front porch has started giving way and some stones in the wall in the ground floor were damaged. All these general repairs including the strengthening of the Porch, wood work repairs and painting were done in 1985 / 86 at a cost of Rs. 1,00,000/-. The roof on both the verandahs on the 1st floor had caved in, which was replaced by lintels and RCC slabs to strengthen the building and the roofing tiles were put back on the slab, so as not to disturb the looks and the beauty of the building, at a cost of Rs. 3 lacs in 1997. Windows were redone in both of them.
The major renovation, in entire life span of 94 years of the building, was done in 1999-2000 in view of the coming centenary year of the Lodge. Starting from the wood work of the main roof, false ceiling, antitermite treatment, roofing tiles, repainting the wood work and the walls, changing floor tiles with marble flooring specially bought from Udaipur. New wiring in the entire building replacing the old one which has caused trouble so many times was done. Also the new lighting fixtures and furniture were bought to highlight and enhance the decor and the inherent Structural beauty of the building. The total cost of the Renovation Project came to Rs. 9 lacs. The major portion came from the savings, general income and contributions from the Brethren.
The Brethren of the Lodge felt that the building is the base or home to all our activities and even our existence, therefore we must make all round efforts to renovate and strengthen this our Masonic Mansion so that it can last for another Century and many generations of Freemasons spread the Preachings of our craft through it. Though it is made of stone, lime and wood it is not dead and like any other Temple dedicated to God's service this one also emits good and healthy vibrations which are perceived by all who visits it or attends the meeting in the Temple.
The temple and the Building also completed a century in 2006 and M. W. Bro. Arun Chintananth the then M. W. the G. M. and his team as well as R. W. Bro. Vasudev J. Masurekar R. W. the R.G.M. of the RGL of W.I. graced the celebration held on 3rd October 2006. Where on Open House session was hold by M.W. Bro. Arun Chintopanth in the Presence of the ladies and non Mason guests.